Bushland Boardwalk

…the newest attraction on the Discovery Coast!

Close your eyes, when walking along the pristine boardwalk and listen to the subtle sound of nature. Imagine possums climbing up the tree trunks at night, birds building protected nests for there young ones, goannas sunbathing on the warm boards and kangaroos grazing with their Joey’s – all whilst happy bees buzz around collecting honey from all the vibrant, native plants!


All this is possible, because YOU respect nature! 


Here are our tips, how YOU can be part of preserving natural habitats for plants and animals for future generations:



History of the Boardwalk

We were fortunate enough to be granted the “Building Resilient Tourism Fund” by the QLD and State Government in 2023, after the extreme flooding events in 2022. The Boardwalk allows us to offer tours all year around. We finally completed the 386.6 m long Bushland Boardwalk as part of our BushTracks guided walking Tour in October 2023.  The boardwalk is not just a great addition to Traveller’s Rest 1770, but also enables people of all abilities an amazing, one-of a kind sensory nature experience. The Bushland Boardwalk has been built to high standards, with level floor-boards and kickboards for blind people to find their way easily. A ramp and turn-around point make it easy for wheelchair users or families with prams to

participate in the experience.

The Bushland Boardwalk certainly supports our vision “CONNECT PEOPLE WITH NATURE, AND NATURE WITH PEOPLE”!

Frequently asked questions:

How long is the boardwalk? 

386.6 m long

Did you build the boardwalk? 

No, we designed it. A family-owned business from Gympie with 3 people built the boardwalk 

How long did it take to construct? 

Almost 4 months and it consists of 2200 boards 


Video Credit: Beachshack Productions