Agnes Water and 1770

Our Top 10 things to do in Agnes Water/1770!

1. Trip to Lady Musgrave (Book in advance) Definitely a must! Experience the untouched underwater world of the Southern Great Barrier Reef and swim with turtles when snorkelling along the colourful reef, surrounding Lady Musgrave Island


2.LARC Tours (What??? – Book in advance with us at Traveller’s Rest 1770)

Great fun for the whole family on the unique amphibious tours aboard the famous pink LARC!’s


3. Discover a vast variety of animals. Keep an eye out for turtles, whales, humpback dolphins, blue tiger butterflies… (seasonal)


4. Surf/SUP/Kayak. We have the perfect beach for all kind of water sports, offering safety for beginners, as well as challenges for the more experienced.


5. Fishing (Tours/Guides available – book in advance)

From the Rocks, on your boat, book a tour or hire a guide. We have so many great fishing spots to explore and discover!


6. Paperbarrk Forest Walk. Discover an enchanted forest…


7. Wreck Rock – Deepwater NP (4WD only) This is our favourite spot in Deepwater NP…relax in your rock pool and let the waves spill over the edges.


8. Butterfly Walk. Walk from Cook’s Memorial to the headland and experience the beautiful views (and a million butterflies in Autumn)


9. Stroll along untouched beaches. We have so many different beaches that quiet often you will have a beach for yourself!


10. Sunset in 1770 – You will never see the same sunset twice…

Birds on the Discovery Coast

We have an abundance of bird life on our property and many of our campers are keen birdwatchers and have been sharing photos and names of the many birds they see! We love building on our ever increasing list of bird life and encourage all our campers to get involved. We are happy to give you a copy of our list for you to try and spot OR see if you can add any species. We are currently up to over 60 bird species!

Just some of the beautiful birds visiting us:

– Masked Lapwing                      

– Brahminy Kite

– Lorikeet – Rainbow

– Fairy Wren – Red Backed

– Radjah Shelduck